Monday, June 10, 2013

Election Reform - A GRAND idea for Wisconsin

The Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee moved ahead with a brokered campaign/election bill today.  The Republicans on the committee were worked over by the Democrats to "push" through this compromise.

The bill which will be voted on Wednesday is far different from the original proposed by Rep. Jeff Stone and defended at last Thursday's hearing by Speaker Robin Vos. Included in this compromise is a raising the amount of money a candidate can receive.  For the Assembly it's $1,000 and for the State Senate it will be $2,000.  I'll bet that was an issue that was discussed for about one minute before the Democrats and Republicans said it was great idea.

Now word on the street is that election reform will be brought up in the legislatures fall session which will address some of the concerns conservatives have.

I think that would be a grand as in $1,000 idea.

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