Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easy A - Larry Miller

Larry Miller has been on the MPS School Board since 2009 and is currently a union hack at Marquette University and Rethinking Schools

He is also the author of Resolution 1314R-001, also known as the 2013 resolution of mutiny of the school board.  This resolution which will be "discussed" at the school board meeting on Thursday, June 27 at the MPS Vliet Street Compound at 6:30, will if accepted give more power to the Board VP, Meagan Holman, then Dr. Michael Bond the President of the School Board.

Miller is an edumacator at Marquette so I visited the rate a teacher site to see what his students had to say.

he is an easy grader. class was boring some days, interesting on others. weekly quizzes on readings but they are open note. i didn't learn much to be honest. but overall, average professor. easy A
he canceled our final, we just aren't going to have one because he doesn't want us to be too overwhelmed!
the guy is a stud. minimal effort is needed to get an A. highly recomend him! the only con is that he is against scott walker
THE GREATEST TEACHER I KNOW! Why can't every teacher be like him. He's super easy
It was super easy, as the quizes were a joke and the tests were just as easy. He never really took attendence, so you could always skip class. Take this class if you want an easy A and have a good time as well.
very easy class, but VERY pointless....But looking for easy A, take him
And you wonder why MPS is in the state it's in - ask Easy A.

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