Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bowen's Truth is in Eye of the Vactioning

So Chris Larson finally speaks out about the County Board and their possible illegal meetings, this time via Supervisor David Bowen.  It didn't happen, according to the vacationing Bowen.

Bowen tries to make the case that Supervisor Deanna Alexander is lying about whether the board used an illegal walking quorum when considering the fate of Corporation Counsel Kimberly Walker.  Yet we find that Bowen and fellow Supervisors Russell Stamper II and Confederate flag praising Khalif Rainey issued a combined Three Stooges Press Release to justify their vote to fire Ms. Walker.  With the vote being taken without discussion I find it a bit odd that all three voted to dismiss her for the same reason.  Even more odd is that Khalif Rainey was not on the board during the grilling of Kimberly Walker so he had to talk to someone about the matter.

He also glosses over the fact the Theo Lipscomb & John Weishan disclosed they had 12 votes before the board meeting.  How the heck did they know if they didn't discuss the issue beforehand.

This isn't the first time Supervisor Bowen has accused Alexander of being less then truthful.  Bowen whined a bit too much during the Derek Williams inquiry when it was disclosed that former assistant medical examiner Christopher Poulos was told it would be wise for him to voluntarily leave because members of the County Board and Milwaukee Common Council, members asked medical examiner Brian Peterson, "How are you going to punish him (Poulos)?"  It's been more then speculated that Supervisor Bowen was the lead person in this witch hunt against Poulus.

Now Supervisor Bowen is a hard working man and he deserves his time off.  God knows that the full month of August isn't enough time clear his head.  I wonder if his new found buddy Chris Larson is accompanying him during this time.  It's my understanding that these two were peas in pod close during the Democratic State Convention as Larson was gleefully dropping sprinkles of political grandeur on Bowen's cupcake. 

People remember Supervisor Bowen - the worst thing about being lied to is knowing you're not worth the truth.


capper said...

My, you're becoming as dishonest as your county supervisor, Deanna Alexander, the sockpuppet for Emperor Abele.

No one said that they didn't discuss it, as you claim. Lipscomb even said he discussed it with other supervisors - one at a time.

Now, do you want to address the fact that Ms. Walker is getting off easy with the firing when she could be charged with legal and ethical violations?

yoSAMite said...

At some point I may discuss what you suggest, but I'll do it at my pleasure not yours.

Your conjecture of one at a time is just that. I guess we'll find out via the procedings.

capper said...

I doubt that there will be any proceedings. This was a feeble attempt of intimidation by Abele. What should prove interesting is whether Alexander has finally overextended herself and ends up the subject of an investigation herself.