Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Ying The Yang

One of the more interesting aspects of politics is how each side whines depending on who's ox is being gored.

The latest whine on the left is concerning Gov. Scott Walker attending 3 out of states events this week. This is somehow being played as the Gov is not doing his job as he attends these out of state events.

The yang of this whine is that the same people complaining are those who heralded the 14 Wisconsin Senate Democrats for doing their job by leaving the state in 2010.  This juxtaposition seems weird to me.

Now concerning the traveling Governor, I'm not against him attending events to talk about the events of 2010.  Every opportunity can be considered a chance to make contacts with business owners who may consider moving or starting a business in Wisconsin.  But on the other hand I'd like to see some more Wisconsin face time from Gov. Walker.

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Rochelle Fritsch said...

Their scales are so out of whack. Thinking pols oughta use the one I's accurate. Painfully accurate.
Which would be a good thing for them...and for us too.