Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Biking or Bilking Milwaukee

JSOnline is reporting that Midwest BikeShare is in need of a corporate sponsor for its goal of erecting 25 bike kiosks for their plan to build a bike share program in Milwaukee.  The City of Milwaukee has already committed $288,000 to the program.

I have some questions about this in general (like where will the kiosks be and will the city provide the space for free?) but my real question in researching this was why does Milwaukee need or have a Bicycle/Pedestrian Transportation Coordinator.  That's right there is a position in the Department of Public Works whose job it is to coordinate walking and biking.

Who is the Bicycle/Pedestrian Transportation Coordinator?  I'm not sure as Kristin Bennett is listed as holding that job on the Milwaukee Bike Web Page but if you click the "bike map" link on the website you're told Dave Schlabowske is the coordinator.

Whoever it is I'm sure the job is time consuming, I mean they probably ride to and from work, but you'd think that the department of bikes and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force whose mission is "To make Milwaukee more bicycle and pedestrain (sic) friendly", could update their website a bit more often then every 3 or 4 years. 

As of this writing the page is promoting the Oct 11, 2009 meeting of the volunteer task force.


Besides the $288,000 for the BikeShare program I'm not sure what we are paying for this department and position but I'd think expecting current information about Biking on the website would not be an out of line expectation.

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