Saturday, April 6, 2013

So What's the Answer Pocan

In a say nothing press release Congressman Mark Pocan shared the wisdom of a take credit for doing noting politician.

“While any job growth is good news, 88,000 jobs is not nearly enough to put our economy on a sustainable path for recovery. Unfortunately, from the sequester to the GOP Budget, Washington continues to promote policies that pursue austerity over prosperity. Today’s jobs report should serve as a wake-up call to Congress — unless we invest in programs that grow our economy and encourage job creation, we risk moving backwards into economic stagnation.
 “The past two weeks, I’ve been talking with Wisconsinites all around my district about how Washington can support our small business owners and allow them to do what they do best—create jobs in our communities. We need more Wisconsin commonsense in Congress, and I will be bringing their ideas back with me to Washington and fighting for our priorities.”
If I'm not mistaken, Rep. Pocan was the voice of the Democratic majority in the Wisconsin Assembly behind the dismal job numbers under the Doyle administration.

In his blame the GOP style he thinks that creating 88,000 jobs is not economic stagnation?  He's right.  According to published reports we need about 300,000 created just to get to stagnation.

And what's this secret commonsense he will dispense in Washington.  If the info is so great, why isn't he sharing it here in Wisconsin where we could use his limited wisdom.

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