Saturday, April 20, 2013

Plan S.O.S. by County Board

I'm not a fan of the current County Board on the whole.  They have made some terrible self serving decisions in their tenure and are still blind as they move to try to save their gigs.

This past Thursday, Board Chairwoman and of her band of cohorts released what they hope is "new vision" for the board.  A look at the picture below tells us that nothing will change.

From left to right are Rep. Mandela Barnes, Sup. Jason Haas, Mike Wilder, Sup. David Bowen, Sup. Theo Lipscomb and Chairwoman Dimitrijevic.

In the old game of "one of these things is not like the other" one has wonder why Mike Wilder the African American Round Table Director from Citizen Action of Wisconsin is part of this County Board Press Conference.  It's also interesting that the Congitive Dissidence blog described him as affiliated with the BBQ and vote crew of Wisconsin Jobs Now.

Why would a union financed organization like Citizen Action of Wisconsin have a seat at the faux reorganization of the Milwaukee County Board when the information wasn't even available to all the County Supervisors?  

It's actions like this and the behind the scene shenanigans I hear about that cause skepticism about the sincerity of this plan and the status quo of the current County Board.

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