Friday, April 26, 2013

One Rude Dude

The State Senate held a hearing on SB95, the County Board Reform Bill,  Wednesday that lasted five hours, which is shorter then the Assembly's hearing on the County Board Reform issue.  No vote was taken to accept or deny the bill, it was strictly an informational time.  Many of the speakers at the senate hearing also spoke at the assembly hearing so it was a bit redundant.

Chairperson Sen. Mary Lazich laid the ground rules asking the legislators to hold their questions to a minimum and spend the time listening to what the speakers were saying.  In general this rule followed.

Sen. Lazich also chose not to limit the speakers to the Assembly's five minute rule.  Even with the limits lifted most of the speakers chose to keep their comments concise and were respectful of others there to waiting to speak.

One notable exception was State Sen. Tim Carpenter.  The longtime legislator who's been comfortable to be a backbencher for his almost three decades in Madison felt this was the time to grandstand.  He spoke for about 30 minutes and would have gone on longer had Sen. Lazich not used her authority to cut him off.

What was most appalling was Sen. Carpenter's attitude after speaking for 20 uninterrupted minutes and when asked if he would summarize so others who had been waiting for hours would have the opportunity to speak.  You would have thought they asked for some of his pension, which hopefully he'll have an opportunity collect.

He became indignant and rude and attacked the chairperson for asking him to be considerate of others.  It is this type of attitude that people resent and will hopefully remember at election time.  What type of person has the arrogance to take the floor for 30 minutes, a full five times the amount of other speakers, and still feels slighted?  A politician who's been in office to long.

Oh, yea shortly after Sen. Carpenters one man plan one of his constituents testified that it's been months since he contacted the suddenly verbose legislator and he hadn't return the man's inquiry.  Do your job Senator.

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