Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Going Down With the Ship

It seems that the more people look into the doings of the Milwaukee County Board, the more butter is being applied to the toast.

The board spent the beginning of this session flexing its muscles and setting up the political future of current board chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic.  I have a feeling that they've done that, but not in the way their crystal ball predicted. 

Recent articles by the Aaron  Rodriguez and Dan Bice may have cemented Ms. Dimitrijevic's future.  Ever since former President Clinton tried to parse what the word "is" means, the general populace has become less enamored with politicians who refuse to plain out tell the truth.  People are wiser and more skeptical when listening to what a politician says.

Then trying to be sly with what is now known to have happened with bargaining with a decertified Union at an Assembly hearing and in her response on a followup inquiry from State Sen. Mike Ellis.  What's the old saying about trying to "bs" a "bs'er"?  You'd think Marina would know better.

What she does have going for her is the willingness of certain Supervisors to stand up and take some of the bullets.  But then again David Cullen and Theo Lipscomb have nothing to lose, except their full time gig.

It's a valiant effort, but the ship is sinking and the board is changing.

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