Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why Justice Roggensack on April 2nd

Your vote for the next Justice in the Supreme Court should be an easy choice.  The seat should remain with the current  Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack.

She is easily the most qualified and knowledgeable candidate. 

As I’ve stated before Professor Ed Fallone is running in the wrong race.  For him to change the demeanor of the court and bring some order to said institution he should have challenged current Chief Justice, Shirley Abrahamson instead of Justice Roggensack or maybe waited a couple of years to go up against Justice Bradley when her term is up in 2015.  But of course we know that someone who claims to be independent but is really not wouldn’t do that.

While watching the two candidates on the “Here and Now” tv show which was discussion based half hour affair, it struck me that the law students of Mr. Fallone are in for a rough couple of years and will need an attitude adjustment after taking classes from him.  On the TV show he said that he was better qualified for the Supreme Court because he taught his students how and when the court was wrong in their decisions.

Still after complaining about the court and its dysfunction and his arrogant attitude it’s clear he is the wrong choice for this important position. 

Vote Patience Roggensack on Tuesday.

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capper said...

Um, Fallone is a constitutional scholar where Roggensack ignores it.

Furthermore, Abrahamson wasn't involved with the choking incident and did not try to cover it up like Roggensack did.

Thirdly, neither Fallone or Abrahamson made bribery of a Supreme Court Justice legal. That again was Roggensack.

Support her if you want, but be honest about it and admit that it's because you want a conservative activist judge on the court.