Saturday, March 30, 2013

Voting for Judges in Milwaukee

The city of Milwaukee voters really interest me.  First of all I live here so the majority's decisions affect me.  Secondly trying to figure out how they make their choices is a bit baffling.  In particular the last couple of elections for Judges have me scratching my head.

In 2012, Judge Nelson Phillips ran for reelection as a Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge after being appointed by Gov. Scott Walker to fill a vacancy on the court.  From all I accounts I’d read Judge Phillips did a good job and was deemed fair.  The major complaint against him was that he a Walker appointee and conservative. 

His opponent was Carolina Stark and she eventually won.  On Judge Stark’s resume is her membership on the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission.  Now if you think back there was also a backlash toward the commission concerning discipline of some Milwaukee Police officers and the commission’s lack of accountability to the community.

Fast forward to today.  Judge Rebecca Bradley is running against Asst. DA Janet Protasiewicz to be a Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge.  Judge Bradley was appointed last November to fill a vacancy on the court in Branch 45, which handles juvenile cases.

The case against Judge Bradley retaining her seat is that she was appointed by Gov. Walker and is a conservative (sound familiar?).  Not the job she’s done so far, though she has been described in news reports as compassionate, not the usual adjective given to conservatives.

Ms. Protasiewicz, who is supported by the political left and unions, claim to the job is that she was passed over by Gov. Walker for the appointment and she’s a tough prosecutor.  I wonder if Gov. Walker had chosen her if that would make her unqualified to be a judge in Milwaukee?  It seems that is what the political left would want us to believe. 

This race is also happening at a time when the DA’s office is coming under attack for it’s lack of ability to prosecute some Milwaukee Police officers for their actions or lack thereof concerning the death of Derek Williams.

So here’s what I don’t understand.  You have qualified Judges, legally appointed by the Governor of Wisconsin and that is the only reason you’d vote against them. 

On the other hand you will complain about and protest the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission and the decision by the County District Attorney concerning Derek Williams, yet you will vote for those associated with both and not hold them accountable.

It just seems mighty weird to me that this is the political climate that we tolerate in Milwaukee.  Residents seem far too comfortable to be victims rather than take the step out of their comfort zone and vote for positive change.  What’s that saying about insanity and keeping on doing the same thing and expecting a different result.


Billiam said...

Milwaukee County is mostly left, as I'm sure you're aware. I know, and I've only lived here not quite 2 years. As to why? Who can understand the mind of the left, other than it's inability to change. One needs only look at Detroit or Chicago to see what Democrats eventually do to a city/county. The Walker hate has only released what many lefties try to hide: just how unhinged they can become when challenged or resisted.

yoSAMite said...

I agree with you Biliam. Thanks for stopping by and keep up the great writing on your blog.