Sunday, March 17, 2013

TV Listings Hoorah

As someone who watches WisEye (#363), CSpan (#77 & #359) CSpan2 (#360) and CSpan 3 (#361) and the Milwaukee Government Access (#25) channels on Time Warner I'm very happy that the TV Guide Channel now includes the specific segment listings of WisEye and CSpan. 

This makes it much easier to decide what to watch and to set the DVR to the segments which are of interest to the viewer.  I want to thank those involved who've finally accomplished this customer service bonanza.

Now if only Time Warner and the City would do the same for the  Milwaukee Government Access Channel I'd be a step closer to geek boy heaven. It's a bit of a pain to have to go the City website to get their schedule and to have to watch the channel while they loop information along with periodic channel schedule slides is a case of TV watching purgatory. 

Setting the DVR to try to watch committee hearings is crazy.  Currently on channel 25 you only have the option to record in two hour blocks.  Now I understand that you can't give ending times to the committee hearings but starting times without recording an hour of information looping would be a nice addition to customer service.

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