Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tom Anthony for 17th District County Board

Tom Anthony

My first endorsement for this Tuesday’s election come from the 17th District Milwaukee County Board race.  It features former state representative Tony Staskunas and newcomer Tom Anthony.  Living on the north side of Milwaukee I don’t have a vote in this race, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion.

When I read that Staskunas was entering the race, the MJS article said he was “a self described  moderate”.   My eyes about jumped out of my head for two reasons.  Since when does the MJS allow people to write their own news articles and I remember the chaos in Madison that Mr. Staskunas took part in.  Compared to some of the other members of the Democratic caucus serving in Madison he may well be, but a middle of the road moderate I don’t think so.

I happen to meet Tom Anthony at a friends gathering and we got to talking about his job with the Milwaukee County Transit System expecting a full on we need to raise taxes and need a have a regional transit cooperative.  Instead I was pleasantly surprised by Tom’s well-balanced concern.  He talked about the real problems of the County Transit System and the different ways to attack the coming financial crises.  His openness to listen to my concerns was also impressive.

Because of that meeting and enjoyable conversation and later encounters I support Tom Anthony for the 17th District on the Milwaukee County Board.

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