Sunday, March 17, 2013

Playing With Maps and Money

I'm intrigued by the drawn out court battle surrounding the redistricting that happened as a result of the 2010 fall elections.I have questions for both sides in this battle. 

The Republicans veil of secrecy surrounding the redistricting is a bit baffling and has been since I first read about it.  From the beginning of the process where they had Legislators sign confidentiality agreements before allowing them to see district maps to the latest possibility that they erased files on computers gives the impression of misfeasance.  I don't know how this manifests confidence in the job they are doing.

In accordance to the Wisconsin Constitution the Republicans had every right to draw the legislative lines provided they followed the law.  Subsequent court rulings confirmed the constitutionality of the newly drawn maps with the only question being the 8th & 9th Assembly Districts which were redrawn by Voces de La Frontera.

Here's what I find weird about the left in this matter. What the heck is their end game hope?  Another redrawing of the 8th & 9th districts or do they hope they will somehow change Wisconsin's voting map?  Making sure their lawyers are well fed?  In all the articles that have been published about redistricting I don't recall any journalist quizzing the participants.  It seems to me this should be an issue or at least a question asked and answered.

Another query I have is concerning money. How's our money being spent?  According the JSOnline:
So far, the litigation has cost Wisconsin taxpayers nearly $1.9 million - $1 million to the law firm Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren to help defend the maps in court, $431,000 to Michael Best for its work drawing the maps and $443,000 to the plaintiffs for their successful challenge to the Latino districts.
As Voces de La Frontera drag litigation out aren't they also raising the tab for Wisconsin taxpayers.  It was reported this week they want another $100,000 to forensically scan hard drives to see if there isn't more information they were suppose to get.  I could be wrong, but didn't they already win the right to redistrict?  Again, what the end game result they are looking for.  In response the state is hiring additional lawyers.

Another financial question which seems to have been ignored is the $189,529 the law firm of O'Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing billed for redistricting work they did for the Democrats beginning in 2008. I'd be interested in knowing what work O'Neil, Cannon et all did and what resources Wisconsin Dems have spent on redistricting.

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