Sunday, March 3, 2013

O No Bozo = Graeme Zielinski

Graeme Zielinski is the Spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and a heck of spokesman is he.  The job description seems to entail being an attack dog for the party with very little positive to say about his own group of politicians.  His main source of venom is the Tweet.

I believe he's been out of line over the past few years, playing a priest in his religiously hypocritical attacks on Republican candidates misusing Scripture as a tool and his consistent personal attacks which do nothing to make his political points.  I can appreciate pointing out hypocrisy by individuals but when that's your only weapon, maybe you need to refill your quill.

When it was announced that the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker's County Exec tenure ended without a conviction of Gov. Walker, Zielinski was at his best worst.  I can understand the disappointment that the left felt when their only hope of defeating Gov. Scott was flushed down the crapper with the announcement, but Mr. Zielinski took this displeasure to new lows.

To compare the Governor of Wisconsin or any other individual to Jeffrey Dahmer shows how unhinged the Spokesman for the Democratic Party is.  There is no justification whatsoever for this over line thinking much less posting it on Twitter.  

Now it's true that Graeme apologized for this disgusting behavior, but one needs to ask the question of rank and file democrats if this is the type of person they want representing them to the media.

Well a few weeks ago while listening to "The Forum" on WNOV 860am hosted by Sherwin Hughes he had a guest from Madison, Rowan Viva, who talked about a grassroots displeasure of the WisDem leadership including Zielinski.  Check out her Facebook Page for the looming battle.  I'm sure that this episode will be more ammunition for the movement.

We hear quite a bit about the battles in the Republican Party, but I believe the battles in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and Milwaukee are going to be exciting to watch.  Especially with some of the rumors floating around.


capper said...

I can't say that I disagree with you. I think it would be far more appropriate to compare Scott Walker to John Gotti, the Teflon Don.

yoSAMite said...

Though that's a comparison I wouldn't agree with it either, no question it is less objectionable then the suddenly quiet Zielinski's.