Friday, February 1, 2013

Is Rep. Leon Young Getting Ready to Retire?

The ever so quiet Leon Young a Democrat representing Milwaukee's 16th Assembly district is proposing legislation making the State Legislature part time.  It's an interesting idea and one must wonder whether this brainstorm is in retaliation of Rep. Joe Sanfilippo's intention to change the Milwaukee County Board.  How dare Mr. Sanfilippo consider cutting off the Coggs family gravy train.

From Rep. Young's Wikipedia page
In 1992, his aunt, incumbent Marcia P. Coggs, waited until just hours before the deadline for filing nomination papers to announce her retirement. Only one potential competitor had time to file nomination papers, since no challengers had planned to file against Coggs for the Democratic nomination (tantamount to election in this heavily-African-American, reliably Democratic district). (Wisconsin's statutes have been changed to prevent such a surprise being repeated.) Young was elected to his aunt’s seat and has been re-elected ever since.
I find this proposal interesting on a couple of different fronts.  The congenial Assemblyman was recently named a co-chair of the State and Federal Relations Committee.  A chance to work on some bi-partisan legislation.  Secondly it was reported that Rep. Young traveled to Madison 147 times last year to collect $12,936 in per diems.  There obviously was something important to do to make those trips.

The two conclusions I can come up with are Rep. Young is either setting the table for his retirement or he's fighting for a full time Milwaukee County Board.  I guess only time will tell.

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