Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm an American

There's an interesting scene in the movie "Wilson" about President Woodrow Wilson that aired on TMC recently.

In the scene a bunch of GI's are in a canteen getting ready to shippoed overseas during the start of WWII.  One of the GI's thinks he sees the President's wife.  So they go up to the counter to find out if it is indeed her.  After confirming it was her, she introduces President Wilson who is also working the canteen.

As Wilson is talking to the soldiers he says to one of them, "Where are you from?"

The lad answers "Milwaukee sir."

The President replies "German?"

The soldier responds, "My father was German, I'm just an American."
 It's a great answer.  One of the differences in society today is that instead of assimilating into the whole melting pot that makes America great, groups today want the benefits of this great melting pot and desire to keep the richness of their culture to themselves.

That's a losing proposition.

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