Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Changing Buttons on the Car Radio

In a shocking new story WMCS 1290 "The Talk of the Town" isn't any longer.  Unlike many conservatives I enjoyed the station.  It was an avenue for many local officials to express their opinion on issues they felt were important.  It also opened up the phone lines to listeners.

When I ran for Assembly a few years back, Earl Ingram was nice enough to allow me some air time.  The calls weren't supportive of me, but that was one of the intriguing aspects of the station, especially Earl's show, he opened up the air waves to those who he didn't agree with.  Eric Von denied my request to be a guest on his show, but I still listened.

I didn't agree with much of was expressed on the Earl's or Eric's show but they were filled information.

I probably won't be listening to the new station, though I did listen to the music blocks on the station at times.  End result - not button worthy on my car radio.

The second change will be the addition of WLWK, 94.5 The Lake, to the FM portion of the radio.  My friend, Danny Clayton, has been hired to be a part of the Morning Show.  Haven't listened to the station ever, but if my other morning shows begin to suck, I'm there with Danny with one push of the button.

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