Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tilting at Pyramids

The new congress is in place and on Jan. 7 Wisconsin’s new legislature will be in place and right after swearing the action will begin.  In the US congress we had a bit of a battle for the Speaker, which Rep. John Boehner narrowly won.  In Wisconsin the Republicans run the show and they will be under some unique pressure this legislative term.

The pressure the leadership team in Wisconsin will face is not from whom you might expect.  It will come from within the Republican Party itself, the grassroots.  You see there are many of us who’ve been asked to make an investment of time and money to move our beliefs forward.  The conservative grassroots movement is not one to sit by idly while those who move legislation forward stray from the path.  This is what’s happened to Rep. Boehner and I have a feeling this will also happen to Gov. Walker, Rep. Robin Voss and Sen. Scott Fitzgerald if they don’t move forward with a jobs growth, less intrusive government and lower spending agenda.

One of the problems I see with politics today is that it is often a top down prospect because those in political power keep that power because of apathy.  What the conservative grassroots is looking for is a bottom up power structure with accountability.  If the current group of legislators doesn’t follow through with what the grassroots expect, they won’t be there long.

I hope we as a party stand strong on our convictions, hold those we’ve voted in accountable and have move forward with change if needed.

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