Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The no Moore Hell and the Alexander/Bohl Heaven of Politics.

I'm a conservative who lives in Milwaukee and that often puts me at odds with my legislators at most levels.  Today was a heaven and hell kind of political day and my legislators.

The hell - Gwen Moore and her obscene stance on abortion.  I want to know how killing babies for 40 years "affirms motherhood."  You want to know what is wrong with our society in my opinion - it's the viewpoint of Rep. Moore. 

What an ass-backwards way of thinking.  It's past disgusting. 

The heaven?  My alderman, Jim Bohl, and county supervisor, Deanna Alexander working together on addressing County and City government.  Supervisor Alexander is on the hot seat, bucking most of the County Board by taking the issue to her constituents.  Alderman Bohl is open to looking at duplication of services and ways to save the taxpayer money.  Together they issued a press release entitled "A Conversation About Changing Local Government."

What more could a constituent want.  Representatives who care and are open to listening.  Supervisor Alexander held a community listening event to get resident input.  It was quite a spirited event.  Sadly State Representative Fred Kessler who'll be voting on the County Board makeup and lives in Supervisor Alexander's district didn't feel compelled to attend. 

I see no rest for my ying/yang as the political season starts to gear up again and I suppose it's one of the reasons why I enjoy politics.

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Anonymous said...

hope Deanna runs for Mayor. She can an articulate a vision and respectful common sense that transcends party politics.

As for Gwen Moore.... how nauseating to think she draws a salary and pension....