Sunday, January 27, 2013

Talk all you want, I can't hear you

My state senator Lena Taylor has sent out her weekly missive on what's happening in the state.  The two page layout is nice and the information is current.  What I'd like to see is not just a narrative about what has happened but a primer on what is scheduled to come up in the coming week.  So maybe we could give the Senator our opinions rather than just hear what she perceives important.

Sen. Taylor's lead report was titled "Mining Hearing Disappoints, More Work Needed."  Here's the senator's take on the over 12 hour meeting,
To say the least, the operation of the hearing was a massive  disappointment. The hearing lacked honesty and transparency and has garnered in my mind, serious doubts about the legitimacy of this bill.
Only Senator Taylor could imagine talking for 12 hours and think it's a disappointment. Is the kind Senator insinuating that all the fine people of Wisconsin who testified lied?  Where they not open enough about their intentions?  Her conclusion gives me serious doubts about what goes on in her mind.

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