Saturday, January 26, 2013

Should Illegal Immigrants be granted Liquor Licenses?

As I've said before, the Milwaukee Licenses Committee is the best reality TV.  Today I'm watching the meeting which was held on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013. What intrigues me is not only the process and power of each alderman and their fiefdom's but the community input is often interesting.

One application was particularly interesting.  A convenience store was up for a Class A Liquor renewal and there was a fair amount of resident input.  One person who was representing a block watch group wanted this particular business to upgrade their junk food offerings to support the effort's of first lady Michele Obama.

What was of particular interest to me was that the applicant was not a legal citizen of the United States.  None of the community groups objected to this and two aldermen, Nik Kovac and Jose Perez expressed displeasure that this was even brought up in the application. Kovac said that Milwaukee doesn't have to nor does it enforce federal law concerning immigration so it's not germane to his license.  Perez wanted to know why it was even part of the record.  The reason is that the information was on the regular police report.  The gentleman is married to a citizen and has 3 kids who are citizens and is in the process of becoming a citizen.

Ald. Joe Dudzik thought that it was a serious enough matter to vote against the approval of the application.

I wonder how many illegal immigrants have liquor licenses?  Liquor licenses are limited and more valuable then many other licenses the city gives out.

But I guess if the city doesn't enforce nor care about immigration laws I guess we will never know.  I also wonder if this is wise given the limited amount of liquor licenses are given out.

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