Thursday, January 31, 2013

Right Wisconsin Goliath and right wisconsin david

So will this be the kiss of the death for yoSAMite says?

It's been about a week that Right Wisconsin, the Charlie Sykes powered web site, has launched.  When I heard about the project I was excited.  It's an idea I'd thought about for quite a while.

When I first started getting the itch to write there was a consortium of conservative bloggers called Badger Blog Alliance.  I had the opportunity to work with one of the bloggers, Sean Hackbarth.  Unfortunately shortly before I decided to take the plunge the group disbanded.  A remnant of the Alliance is Drinking Right a monthly get together of friends formed from the group.

Over the past year I have been talking to conservative bloggers about resurrecting the group.  The idea had been met with some interest but also some hesitancy since the world of blogging has changed some with the influx of Twitter and Facebook and in all honesty some burn out.

So up comes the idea of Right Wisconsin, a one stop shop for conservative media.  Well sort of.

It seems that they are cherry picking the blogs and ideas they want to promote and if you don't hang in their gang, tough luck. 

Case in point - are not Jay Weber, Vicki McKenna, Mark Behling and other WISN hosts and news people conservative?  What about those who were rejected to be a part of Right Wisconsin?  I didn't apply to be a part nor did they offer me an opportunity.

And then I question the idea that Right Wisconsin gets to set the talking points or what is and isn't important news.  I don't talk about national politics very often.  I'm interested in the goings on in Metro Milwaukee and state politics which effect us.  The issues I cover aren't important to major media, mostly because it isn't of interest to those outside the metro area.

Now I hope that Right Wisconsin is successful and that it expands it's offerings but as of right now, I'll be on the outside looking in.  And very comfortable with that.

I'll continue to prod a group of us other right of center badger bloggers to consider coming together as a compliment to Right Wisconsin.  I don't mind being the David to their Goliath.  There's enough news for all of us to keep busy.  We are on the same side, we'll be just fighting the war on a different front.

And as for the death of yoSAMite says, the answer is no we aren't going away though I suspect we'll have nipped at some people's ankles.


Anonymous said...

Interesting perspecting. It's one that I share. I've been watching RW to see what it will become, but it sure doesn't seem like a "one stop shop" for conservative voices in Wisconsin.

- Owen

yoSAMite said...

Thanks for the comment Owen. I hope they consider expanding their choices to what seemed like a wonderful goal.