Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Redistricting Waste of Money

The redistricting fight in Wisconsin is still going on.

The frustration level has reached an ebb for a panel of Judges who told the parties to come to a conclusion.  What the honorable jurists either don't know or refuses to see is that Democrats won't stop until they win, come hell or high water or huge lawyer bills.

According the Journal-Sentinel:
So far, the litigation has cost Wisconsin taxpayers nearly $1.9 million -- $1 million to the law firm Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren to help defend the maps in court, $431,000 to Michael Best for its work drawing the maps and $443,000 to the plaintiffs for their successful challenge to the Latino districts.
I find it hard to believe that a group that claims to want to help the disadvantaged would be willing to waste this amount of money rather then encourage people to get involved in the process and vote.Here's what I see as an outsider, who wasn't happy with the way redistricting played out either. 

Voces de la Frontera, who claim to work on immigration issues while siding with Democrats on every front, is continuing the fight on behalf of Chris Larson and the Democrat party.  What I find so very interesting is that they won and had the opportunity to redraw the two districts that were predominately Latino.

So how did they do?  In an Assembly District 9 Josh Zepnick was put into office with 781 votes.  Jocasta Zamarripa won her District 8 primary with 599 votes.  Neither candidate had a general election opponent.  Keep in mind that each district has 50,000 people. The map on left shows the redrawn lines.  The previous map would have allowed for two Latino districts rather then this one which has one.

I don't see the drawing of lines as the big problem in these two assembly districts, what I see as the problem is apathy and a group that's more interested in partisan politics and power then serving those they claim to.

My advice for the Republicans, turn over the dang computers and let's get this over with.  My advice for the Democrats, stop wasting state money.  You gambled on redistricting in 2010 and you lost. Live with it.

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