Friday, January 18, 2013

My Job by Supervisor Peggy Romo-West

The status of the Milwaukee County Board is a story that’s not going away.  It’s my belief that a vote will be forthcoming, it’s also my hope that it will happen sooner then later.    I’d also like to see both sides act like adults no matter what the outcome. 

I’m enjoying the arguments coming from both sides, especially those from pro full time full benefit board side.

Supervisor Peggy Romo West has taken to her Facebook page to show why her job is a full time gig and not part time.  As a way to persuade the reader she shows two pictures of her committee and “volunteer” board commitments.

 It’s nice to see Mrs. Romo-West is so involved in the community and at first glance it looks like a convincing argument in her favor.  But the more I looked at the list my views changed.  If her county board activities are full time worthy, how can she find the time for all those community activities.

Another way to look at is that her county board responsibilities are part time enough that they allow her to be involved in all the community groups while compensating her $50,000.  Most people work 40 hours a week at their jobs and then have to find time to volunteer for various organizations.  Obviously this County Supervisors doesn’t.

Here’s another post from the Supervisor on Monday, Jan. 9th.

Happy Monday! Starting the day off in one of my favorite ways with Ms. Zonia Lopez on Nfoque Latino then on to the Inter Communities Council Meeting (ICC) in Fox Point, then to visit the NEW Filipino Community Center in Wilson Park {Everyone is welcome}, the Fire Fighters Installation tonight & in between will be getting the invitation to the Kosciuszko Community Center Open House out {GREAT MEMBERSHIP DEALS}.

Looks like a busy day for the Supervisor.  Here’s one problem I see with the schedule.  Where are the constituent contacts?  Let me repeat because I think this is important, Where are the constituent contacts. 

The first priority of the County Supervisor is to serve the constituents of their district, in Supervior Romo-West's case that is the 12th District. Obviously things are going swimmingly there.

This isn't meant to be personal attack on the south side supervisor, but she's been on the radio and has used her social media to make the case that the job is full time.  From her brief portrayal of her activities I'd say she has a different view of what her job description is then I do.

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