Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let My Supervisor Fully Serve

It's been reported that my County Supervisor Deanna Alexander has been restricted to using County services and employees designed to help her in representing me.

I have a couple of questions for the County Chairperson Marina Dimitrijevic concerning her judgement to implement this seemingly spiteful decision.  I looked back at the election returns from the last campaign and you won your race with 3,142 votes.  Supervisor Alexander won her race with 3,120 votes, one of which was mine.  Is there some unwritten law that says any of those 3,142 voters have more rights to county resources then I do?  If so, I'd like a copy of it.

You see Ms. Dimitrijevic, when you refuse to allow my County Supervisor access to the same resources that every other Count Supervisor has access to, including yourself, you fail me as county resident. For someone who's rumored to want to run for County Executive you are showing poor judgement in equal treatment of all county residents.

I respectfully request you give Supervisor Alexander full access to every resource for her to represent me and the other residents of the 18th Supervisory District. 

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