Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Handling Campaign Finance Cash

Dan Bice broke a story that was in plain sight on Tuesday about getting a liquor license in Milwaukee, the handling of campaign finance cash and bribery.

I usually watch the City of Milwaukee committee hearings, especially the Licenses Committee.  It's better then any of the fake reality TV on any channel.  I haven't watched this one yet.  The DVR is ready to go.

One could go on about the bribing of city-county-state officials and the rumors of such goings on. One could go on about the state of local government and the recent rash of questionable activities. Or one could go on about an atmosphere of cronyism and pay to play politics.

What I'd to talk about is the handling of campaign cash.  If you're a politician there are laws concerning the acceptance of cash donations.  It would be wise for any person running for office to know the law and to  follow Jim Witkowiak's footsteps and be safe rather than sorry when it comes to cash.

He didn't take the money home and hide it, he called the FBI right away to let them know of a potential bribe situation.  Candidates, if you're in doubt about the money - DON'T TAKE IT.  Call the appropriate authorities and let them handle the situation.

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