Thursday, January 3, 2013

Grothman vs Racialsim and Ingram and Causey

Ingram & Causey
Senator Glenn Grothman waded into the belly of the beast today as he was a guest on the Evening Rush with Earl Ingram and co-hosts James Causey and some young lady who I didn’t catch her name.  It was an enlightening hour and a half as Sen. Grothman stood his ground against the attacks (lightly veiled as questions) from both the hosts and phone callers.

It was also a great example of the Racialist battlefield that the war between white and black conservatives and black liberals are fighting. 

Sen. Grothman was trying to explain his press release concerning Kwanzaa while the liberals were attacking him for not embracing the not really a religious holiday, depending on who you talk to.  It seems Grothman’s opposition is focused on Kwanzaa’s founder, Dr. Maulana Karenga, less then stellar past and what Grothman’s sees as a holiday that is unimportant in the black community.  The hosts argued who are you as a white guy from West Bend to tell us, the black community, what should and should not be important and what we can and can’t celebrate no matter what the origins of the event.  That sort of reminds me of the black communities wedding to the Democratic party and it’s auspicious ties to the KKK and the extension of slavery.

More than once Ingram told Sen. Grothman that it was a black and white battle (racialism) while Grothman didn’t grasp what Earl was telling him.

It’s my contention that conservatives try to argue issues without bringing racialism into the debate while the black liberal can’t get past the racialist aspect of any discussion.  The conservative must acknowledge racialism in all political debates or all communication will fall on the deaf ears of the liberal. 

Sen. Grothman was at a distinct disadvantage as all three hosts peppered him and ridiculed his answers.  Again Grothman was answering the questions without looking at the racialism behind the questions and the hosts couldn’t understand his matter of fact answers because they didn’t cover what they were really asking.

What often saddens me is that after a guest leaves, that is when he really gets attacked.  Callers and the host called Sen. Grothman a liar, ignorant and other names.  I think when people have to resort to this name calling it shows their true colors and exhibits their weaknesses.

My advice to Sen. Grothman (and I will tell him if he visits my workplace  while I'm there) is to concentrate on more important issuesAlso when you visit the show next week, humbly and I do mean HUMBLY apologize for the uproar this has caused.  Us conservatives who live on Milwaukee's north side are trying to convince the socially conservative Democrats that we have what it takes to make their lives better and this distraction is not helping.


Anonymous said...

"That sort of reminds me of the black communities wedding to the Democratic party and it’s auspicious ties to the KKK and the extension of slavery."

You failed to mention the auspicious ties your faith has to the KKK. You do realize that the Klan's burning of the cross was symbolic of Christian fellowship ... or, maybe you don't. I don't suppose they talk about such things in Sunday School. And if they don't, well, it's probably for the best. The history of Christianity is not for the faint of heart. You know the old saying: "ignorance is bliss".

Be happy. :-)

yoSAMite said...

First of all you know nothing of my faith other that your preconceived notions.

The history of Christianity has no affect on the redemptive sacrifice Jesus humbly succumbed to. Christianity is centered on Jesus not others.

I am very happy thanks, you also.

Billiam said...

Anon, Many call themselves Christian, but, as the Gospel teaches, they shall know you by your fruit. Also, try reading the New testament. Anyone who claims to kill in the name of Christ is obviously false as Christ NEVER commanded ANYONE to kill in His name. The history of those CALLING themselves Christian is not pretty. But if one is honest about it, then they read the New testament, and base their views on that. these days, honesty is in short supply.