Thursday, January 3, 2013

Grothman vs Kwanzaa

What the heck.  

Sen. Glenn Grothman from the West Bend area is a conservative bulldog.  Over the past few months he has stopped by my place of employment and I've had the pleasure of talking with him. I've enjoyed the time.

One of the areas of concern for me that I've talked to him about is the relationship between the Republican party and the black community in Milwaukee.  My point to him is that we have to make inroads and let people know that are basic values are a positive for them.  He has agreed with me.

Then he comes out with a press release that is an attack on the origins of Kwanzaa and the indoctrination by certain school systems.  He makes some interesting points, but I have to ask what is the point of the press release.

One of the problems of conservatives is that though our issues are right, the way we express them is totally out of whack with reality.  This is a great example. 

Equally interesting to me is the response of the black community in Milwaukee.

Stephanie Findley
A friend and conservative who goes by the name of Wonder Woman is on the attack and has called for a censure of Sen. Grothman.  The chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's Black Caucus, Stephanie Findley, has tried to draw Gov. Walker into the fray by trying to make take sides in the discussion.  Milwaukee Alderwoman Milele Coggs has also chimed in.

The ladies all make some interesting observations, but they also raise some question.  Ms. Findley thinks Sen. Grothman has attack the religious aspect of Kwanzaa while Alderwoman Coggs says Kwanzaa is not a religious celebration and Wonder Woman extolls the evolution of Kwanzaa and what it means to the black community.

Wonder Woman extolls the "black only" aspect of Kwanzaa and Coggs tells us it's for everyone.

All this while they attack Sen. Grothman for his misleading information.

As I've mentioned before I listen to black talk radio and the points by Sen. Grothman don't seem as far off as the ladies would like us to believe.  If Kwanzaa is any type of religious celebration, should Alderwoman Coggs be using City Hall for a Kwanzaa Celebration. 

And finally, Sen. Grothman as much as I appreciate your candor and agree with you about many issues how about considering using wisdom before using your platform.


thoughtfulconservative said...

Welcome back, my friend.

For some reason, politicians, especially Republican have this innate need to give their opinion on any subject under the sun. Marc Rubio felt the need to answer a question on how old the earth was. Who cares? Same with Mr. Grothman, who on the real issues, I agree with a lot. But who cares about who celebrates Kwanzaa and why? Certainly not me...

yoSAMite said...

I'm glad to be back. I agree 100% that sometimes we need to shut up and listen.