Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grazing in the Gas tax man.

 The Wisconsin Transportation Finance and Policy Commission came through with it's recommendations to milk the public.  Here are the recommendations they have suggested.

  • raising the state gas tax by five cents per gallon (the first increase since 2006);
  • creating a new mileage-based registration fee for passenger vehicles;
  • increasing heavy truck registration fees;
  • increasing the fee for the state’s eight-year drivers’ license by $20; and
  • eliminating the sales tax exemption on the trade-in value of vehicles
According to the DOT website if these taxes were to be accepted the cost would be about $120 a year.

One of the interesting notes is that a gas tax increase would be the first since 2006.  If I remember correctly that's the year that former State Senator Tom Reynolds held up the budget to stop automatic gas increases. The next year he was defeated thanks the road builder money.

My thought, snowball's chance in hell.

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