Friday, January 25, 2013

Filling holes in the Milwaukee Fire & Police Commission

Had a chance to watch the Milwaukee Public Safety Commission that voted to move the appointment Ann Wilson to the Fire and Police Commission to full Common Council.  The final vote 4-1 with Chair Witkowski, Ald. Puente, Ald. Davis, Ald. Bohl in the affirmative and Ald. Bauman against.

Ald. Bauman’s dissension came from the process, not the candidate.  He wanted a more open nomination process and instead of working towards that with the next candidate, he thought it was more appropriate to hold up Ann Wilson’s appointment.  He was handily shot down by Ald. Joe Davis who was preacher like in his retort.

Alderwoman Milele Coggs chimed in about the process also.  Her complaint was the nomination process wasn’t fair even though it followed the law.  I have a problem with this whole line of thinking.  I would think that any person can contact the Mayor with suggestions of who to nominate for a position on any committee or commission.  After the Mayor makes his choice isn’t it up to the aldermen to do their job and approve or disapprove the candidate.  If this has been just a rubber stamp process in the past it’s the fault of the aldermen, not anyone else.

Another complaint at the hearing was the make-up of the Fire & Police Commission itself.  So I looked at the people on the board.  A black male, two white females, a white male and a Hmog female.  Ann Wilson will add a black female to the board.  It looks quite diversified to me.

The outcome will be a full board approval of Ms. Wilson and some changes in the way the next commissioner is appointed.  Either way I don’t think “the community” will ever be satisfied.

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