Friday, December 21, 2012

Whose Fire & Police Commission

Alderperson Milele Coggs penned an opinion piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission.  Her view is that commission should be reformed or disbanded.  Fellow aldermen Hamilton, Perez and Kovac joined Coggs in saying they would not support any candidates to fill the two vacancies on the board unless they were publicly vetted.

When reading the MJS piece the thought which kept jumping out at me is where is Ald. Coggs along with the other three aldermen's responsibility. Have they just voted and floated the choice of the Mayor without any critical thought or questioning?   

The mayor appoints the members of the Fire & Police Commission and the Common Council approves them.  There is not one person on the Commission who was not voted on by the aldermen.  The only one who can claim any innocence is Ald. Jose Perez who's only been on the board less then one year.

Each will have the opportunity to approve the next two members, who'll be appointed by Mayor Barrett in the very near future.  I bet that council members will do more then ask their standard "Why do you want to serve on this commission" question the next time around.

I'm not standing up the for the recent decisions by the board. I believe they were wrong to not back up Chief Flynn in his choice to fire Officer Schoen.  But I certainly don't want the current crop of community activists picking any members of the board. 

To the aldermen, do your job.  Take responsibility for your actions and accept the consequences for them.  If you choose to not do your job to the best of your ability, accept the result of that choice also, don't blame someone else for your inaction.

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