Sunday, December 16, 2012

Which Rice is Right?

I have recently come to the conclusion that Conservatives and Republicans have been fighting the wrong fight when it comes to minorities. We fight for what we believe are solid and helpful issues, yet consistently fail to impact those we wish to.

As we try to concentrate on fiscal and moral issues we are missing the foundation of the argument from those on the other side.  It’s racial and racialism for the black and Latino communities.

It’s come to a bit of national attention with the latest from actor Jamie Foxx.  He told Vibe magazine: ”Cause as black folks we're always sensitive. As a black person it's always racial.”

As I’ve mention a few times, I often listen to liberal radio here in Milwaukee.  Those by default are two black stations, WNOV & WMCS.  The reason I do this is that as a conservative I pretty know what other conservatives believe.  What I don’t get is the left or liberal viewpoint.

The other morning I was listening to Sherwin Hughes on WNOV when he chimed in on the decision by UN Ambassador Susan Rice to take her name out of the running for Secretary of State.  Now bear with me as I try to explain his view on why conservative were against Ms. Rice, even though the stated reason was for her participation in the Benghazi ordeal.

According to Sherwin, Benghazi has nothing to do with Republican Senators concern.  You see we don’t like Susan Rice because she is black.  In general that would a good enough reason to not want her as Secretary of State according to him, but in order for conservatives to maintain the integrity and reputation of Condoleezza Rice we can’t have another black woman hold that office.  So no matter how right (or left) Susan Rice was for the job, she would not have been confirmed by Senate Republicans so they could save Condoleezza Rice.

Racialism is a tough battle to win, because as Jamie Foxx says, no matter what the issue, it’s always racial.

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