Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some Day Voter Registration

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran the following headline in today's paper, "Barrett, African-American leaders to Walker: leave same-day registration alone".

So with bated interest I read the article to see why these leaders want same day registration kept up and who these leaders are.  Well I guess we will have to wait until Wednesday at the press conference to find out why.  I'm assuming it's the same story I've been hearing at my liberal newsgroup-o-mania.  It will stop the poor, old and black from voting.

Over 40 states have pre-voting registration and it seems to work out well for them.  My suggestion is to make the registration date the same 28 days one must live in a residence to vote.

I've worked as an election inspector and an independent poll observer and I can say that one of the reasons for the long lines and chaos is same day registration.  The voting location I work at is well run and the workers know what they are doing.  It just takes time to fill out forms, our lines were minimal.  One of the places I observed in Milwaukee was a zoo.  I saw people getting registered without id's and the place was way to small to handle the traffic.  One of the complaints heard on election day from the black radio stations was disenfranchisement because of the long lines at the polls. It seems some people want to have it both ways.

Besides Mayor Barrett the "African American leaders" are employees of three union groups and MICAH, a left wing alliance of churches.  It's interesting that the people organizing this press conference are union groups.  Makes one wonder what the reason for that is.

If I didn't have to work I'd like to go to the press conference and ask Mayor Barrett what happened to Sue Erdman, who was released from her duties as Milwaukee's Election Chief so Neil Albrecht could take over.  Did I mention that Neil's been attending a few different political gatherings lately.

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