Monday, December 17, 2012

Here's your voter fraud.

Liberals and Democrats want proof of voter fraud.  Here’s your proof.  I don’t know which ward this was taken at, but I have it on good authority the tall one doesn’t live in Milwaukee.

Actually there is movement on the voter fraud issue and it is exactly what the Republicans believe has happened in the past.  Unfortunately they have again framed their position poorly.

It is believed and now being proven that Democratic operatives have used Wisconsin’s lax laws on voter registration to illegally vote.  Along with the laws they’ve also taken advantage of the mess at some voting wards in Milwaukee. 

The conversation on voter fraud centers on Milwaukee, but what Republicans fail to mention or emphasize is that the Democratic Party and unions are using the citizens of Milwaukee.  I’ve talked to two police officers that have witnessed out of state busses unloading people and being given voter information and instructions on voting.  Both of these officers gave me the information while I ran for the Wisconsin Assembly and came without me asking about it.

If you’re looking for more information, here’s a link to an investigation that the Milwaukee Special Investigation Unit put together concerning the 2004 presidential election. Unfortunately after the report was finished Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn choose not to follow up.  Not only that he wouldn’t allow officers from the SI Unit to visit polling places and soon after that disbanded the unit. 

A few elections back I decided on my own to see if any infractions were occurring at polling places in Milwaukee, especially the 12 Assembly District.  The first place I visited was smoothly and the poll workers executed flawlessly for the couple of hours I was there.  

The second place I visited was a disaster.  The room was too small for the two wards housed there.  The main infraction I saw here was people registering without proper identification. One lady said she was told she didn’t identification to register to vote.  They let her register and vote anyway.

I also observed the Democratic/Union trolling for votes operation to learn about that also.  It was interesting to the process in motion.

With what I've seen and from the information available I’m convinced that both voter ID and the elimination of same day voter registration will be a step in the right direction to improve the sanctity of our election process.  I only hope that Gov. Walker and Republicans in the legislature stand by the convictions of those who've work to put them office.

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