Tuesday, December 4, 2012

$88 Dollars

Members of the Wisconsin Legislature, who live outside of Dane County,  get paid an $88 per diem every time they travel to Madison.  It seems like a fair amount. 

From Milwaukee it costs me about $25 to gas up for the round trip.  My stop at the Pine Cone for the sweets costs about the same.  Many legislators car pool to save some cash and wear & tear on their autos. 

It seems that one of the Republicans ideas this coming legislative session is to consider raising the amount of the per diem.  No definitive amount has been floated, but any raise would be plain old stupid on the Republicans part.

Today I finished watching the Dems and Repubs caucuses on Wisconsin Eye.  Most of these men and women have other jobs outside their gigs as state representatives. There is no way this bodes well for a group of lawmakers who claim to be concerned about state finances.

While I'm a member of the Republican Party, this is an idea that makes me shake my head in wonder at the leadership.

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