Saturday, November 24, 2012

A New Word

It’s always exciting to come across new words.  I’ve recently come across one that’s described one of the facets of my life the last six months.  The term is racialism.  The definition is “An emphasis on race or racial considerations, as in determining policy or interpreting events”.

I was invited to a political chat group on facebook by a person I met in real life. Our talk the first night was interesting and informative and I gladly accepted the opportunity to join the group and talk about politics with those from a different political perspective.

Little did I know that the atmosphere of the group would be so skin colored centric. It’s virtually impossible to discuss any issue without skin color politics to be presented as a defense for one’s views.  And if you’re a white conservative male, you are evil from the get go.  And I don’t use the term evil lightly.

There’s a fair amount of radical Pan Africans in the group and they come from a viewpoint that just because I’m white skinned I’m their enemy.  Not only that, they play a “get out of jail free card” by adopting the philosophy that only white people can be racists because we have the power.  Therefore they’re allowed to say whatever they want in any manner and it’s an acceptable form of communication because they have dark skin.

So you may be asking why in the heck would I stay in such a group.  Well I honestly find it interesting. I’m not intimidated by the threats, name calling and diving head first into the belly of the liberal beast.  What I do find discouraging is the amount of times I’ve been called ignorant because I don’t agree with people.  I inquired about one persons health and they said they’re doing fine but would be doing better if I wouldn’t share my ignorant thoughts.  This person is a politician.  I thought poor taste on her part, but it’s one of the reasons Milwaukee is in the demise it’s in.

I’ll continue to be a part of the group, battle the racialism there and hopefully come out wiser and stronger in the end.

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