Friday, November 30, 2012

An Onion of a Shepherd

Reading The Shepherd Express is usually like reading The Onion for me.  I usually giggle reading both because of their absurdity.

This weeks Shepherd proved to be more full of giggles then usual. 

First, there is an article about unfair right wing radio shows on WTMJ (620am) and WISN (1130am) and how they have broken the law and should forfeit their licenses because of it.  The funny part is that Lisa Kaiser who wrote the article is a guest every Thursday on WMCS (1290am) as part of a leftist political gabfest.  WMCS is a radio station geared to Milwaukee’s black community that is as far left, as WTMJ and WISN are far right.  And as one might imagine there is no mention of left leaning radio in the article.

Then the crème de la crème is Joe McNally’s article titled “The Honest and the Dishonest”.  His first lie of attack is that Democratic legislative candidates got more votes on Nov. 6th but because of gerrymandering of districts the Republicans won more seats.  Well to begin with the Republicans had more seats with the old districts so that sort of shoots that line of thought out the window. 

The second half-truth is that Dem legislative candidates had more votes the Republicans.  He’s not wrong, but the real truth is that if one looks at the districts where both a Republican and Democrat ran the numbers prove Mr. McNally wrong.  The Lizzie Files again show Joe’s a bit slow on the numbers game. 

The final fudge for McNally is the idea that the elimination of same day voter registration is a “brazenly dishonest, un-American solution” to his straw man argument of voter suppression.  How is it that 40 plus states don’t have same day registration, but if Wisconsin follows suit it suddenly becomes un-American. 

Honesty is in the pen of the beholder and one shouldn’t try to distinguish between truth and lies when peeling the onion.

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