Sunday, August 26, 2012

Redistricting 2012 pt 2

A small victory for the left in the redistricting battle was that they had the opportunity to redraw the 8th and 9th Assembly districts.  Both are predominantly Hispanic.  Democrats JoCasta Zamarripa, who we are not allowed to talk negative about since she came out as a bi-sexual, represents the 8th district and Josh Zepnick represents the 9th.

Rep. Zampirripa was elated when the lefty front group Voces de la Frontera won it's suit and the court used their map for the new 8th & 9th districts. 

I can see why.  Each assembly district has about 57,000 people in it.  In the 8th Assembly District less then 1,000 people voted in the Partisan Primary held on Aug 14. According to unofficial results only 596 voted for Rep. Zamarripa.  1% of the people in the district put her in office.

Rep. Zepnick bettered that by getting 776 votes, a tad better than .01% of the population.

 If Voces de la Frontera, Reps. Zepnick and Zamarripa were honest the problem in their districts isn't how the legislative lines are drawn, the problem is voter apathy. And I'll go even further and suggest it's not only indifference about the political process but also for their representatives. It must be difficult to keep a straight face when making a speech in the legislature and thinking only 1% of my constituents care enough to keep me in office.

It seems maybe their efforts would be better used by educating the people in the 8th & 9th Assembly Districts about issues and the importance of being a part of the process.  Of course that could lead to the problem of holding the representatives accountable and the possibility of losing their jobs.  Let's hope that some enterprising and courageous candidate steps up and challenges them in 2014.

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