Sunday, August 26, 2012

Redistricting 2012 pt 1

The left won't let the redistricting that happened as a result of the 2010 elections alone.  Before the maps were drawn people filed a lawsuit claiming bias or some nonsense.  After they were drawn we heard and read about how unfair the process was.

The problem with the arguments were that the Democrats had the option of changing the way the maps were drawn in 2009 when they were in power, but they rolled the dice that they'd remain in power and draw the maps to their advantage.  Rep. Fred Kessler even wrote an editorial in the MJS saying " I am a partisan, and I know how to draw legislative district lines to the benefit of the Democratic Party. I will do so if I have the opportunity."  

Now the overly partisan Fred is telling every media source that will listen to him how unfair the process is and how the Republicans are somehow "unfair" to draw legislative lines to benefit them. You can't have it both ways Democrats.  Stop your crying.

For those still complaining about redistricting, it is not a non partisan process.  Anyone whose interested in redistricting is a partisan.  Imagine Rep. Kessler losing the next election and then being put on a "non-partisan" commission for redistricting.  Does anyone really believe that he will suddenly draw fair legislative line? 

If so I'm sure he has a bridge in his carpetbagged district to sell you.

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capper said...

Will you be covering the oath to secrecy? The use of private emails to do state business? The way government staffers are housed in a law firm's office even months after the gerrymandering was done?

We'll be waiting.