Monday, August 20, 2012

Privatize Milwaukee County Parks?

I'm taking another look at breaking the County Parks away from the purview of the Milwaukee County Board.  I was adamantly against this not to long ago, but with the firing of Sue Black the issue has been a front and center topic on many news outlets.

The more I'm reading about this, with a bias against the way County Exec Abele has handled the Sue Black firing, the more I'm moving my stance that it might not be a bad idea.

My biggest concern is the desire to raise the Milwaukee County sales tax to fund the parks and transit.  I'm 100% against this as though it sounds good on the surface, I can't believe that the County Board will make good on it's end to lower the tax levy.  I've watched & listened to the board members and they show very little concern about saving money.

But as I'm reviewing the parks situation I'm seeing that maybe taking the running of the parks away from the board could lead to lead to a realization by others in the county that a smaller board with less responsibility could become a reality.  With less for County Board members to meddle in, maybe we could survive with less of them.  Which I'm 100% in favor of.

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