Thursday, August 16, 2012

Partisan Primary Winners & Losers

Everyone does a winner / loser blog after major elections.  Here's mine


All the people who ran for office.  They have nothing to be ashamed of. They put themselves on the front line and they will never be the same again, they will be better.  No one should be ashamed for giving it a go, nor should they be castigated for their attempt.

Progressive Democrats in Milwaukee.  There is a either a power shift happening in Milwaukee or this is glitch which will be realigned in the next couple of campaign cycles.  The union/progressive branch of the Democratic party has been getting their butts handed to them by the rest of the state over the past couple of years. It seems they took it out on moderate Democrats on Tuesday.  As I mentioned earlier in the week, I can see a north side / south side split in the Democratic party.

Broadcast stations.  Lots of money spent even though it was at a discount.


American Federation for Children.  Here's a group which supports Voucher Schools and from the reaction of black radio you'd think they were part of the KKK. One of the lies propagated by anti-choice school advocates is that AFC wants to get rid of public schools.  This is simply a lie, but it's been said often enough that the perception has become the reality for way to many.  Their real goal is the total education of children and equal treatment of them.  Before they "help" Democrats again they should consider some sort of PR program.

The black power structure in Milwaukee.  More then being a loser they have to be in turmoil.  They've gone from 8 state legislators to 5 and have with that diminished power.  The "vote for those that look like you" crowd took it in the shorts.  It opened up discussion, but the talk was anything but unifying.  What it will hopefully do is open the door to conservatives.  The next two years will be telling.


No one knows what the answer is to unemployment.  Hopefully Gov. Walker will push his Transform Milwaukee quicker then later.  I personally believe this is a great start to major improvements in Milwaukee's dire employment situation. The big question is how will newly elected Dems act when they rode into office against working with the Republicans.

Despite the shellacking AFC took, the voucher school program will not be hurt.  With Republicans in power little will change and from the rumblings I hear from up north, look for continued growth.

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