Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh what a web they weave as they all get peeved.

I'm telling you what.  We Republicans think we have internal squabbles, man we are pikers.

The Milwaukee Democrats are doing the down and dirty like I've never seen before.  The most interesting part is that is in the open, not behind closed doors.  This election cycle has brought out the worst in them.  It's things we as Republicans are used to from the left, but they are pulling out all the stops to win a State Senate seat and a handful of State Assembly seats.

The hostilities are not just on one front.  There is no safe place in this fight, there is no high ground.

On a macro level we have the Lena Taylor vs the Chris Larson/Fred Kessler battle. Both groups are maneuvering to power the deflated political party's Milwaukee contingent.  No matter which group takes the reigns it will be a rudderless ship.  I wonder if the solution will be a north/south breakup.

Under this firestorm we have a multitude of tussles.  The Democratic Kum-Ba-Ya's have fallen to flaming arrows of lying, underhanded and deceptive robo calls and a pandering to the unions like nobody's business.  One candidate has even filed a lawsuit against others for election fraud and collusion.

American Federation of Children, a pro school voucher group, has joined the fray by sending out mailings in support of candidates who are at least open to choice schools. By the reaction of some you'd think AFC was the anti-christ.  Now I admit their ads are somewhat sketchy, but the reaction is overboard.  Accusations that these 100% Democrats are really RINO's in disguise is a common hand grenade being tossed about.  Let me tell you when I run for office again I will take anyone's money and still act on my conscious when elected to office.

Heck we even have the two black talk radio stations at each other.  If you waste your time listening to conservative talk, you are missing some great political drama.  Misinformation from hosts, callers who all caught up in the action, politicians trying to save face; it's great radio. I like WMCS & WNOV because they are more concerned with local issues then WISN and WTMJ.

I will be interested in seeing how scorched the earth will be come Wednesday. The wounds being inflicted will be deep and the time it will take to heal will be long.  The repercussions will go beyond this election cycle to affect the next round of city and county elections.  It will be intriguing to watch the mud settle.

Note to Republicans - I hope you learn something here.

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