Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Republican Goose meet Democrat Gander

I've been on the Democrats lately for their actions toward one another in this election cycle. I find it both interesting and funny (in a weird sort of way).  There is more on the way as some more truths are coming out.

Well I might as well hit home also.

In my opinion, some Republicans and Conservatives were out of line in their remarks concerning Mark Neumann after the results in the Republican Primary were announced with the victory by Tommy Thompson.  A few people I follow in blogs and on twitter still wouldn't let up on Neumann and were down right rude.  The same goes for a couple of radio hosts, one of whom in essence blamed Neumann for Thompson's victory.

In an election most candidates have to "go negative" in order to draw differences between them and other candidates in an election.  What bothered me in this case is the outrage these people feigned toward Neumann, but kept suspiciously quiet when their candidate jumped in the fray. To use the excuse that the other guy started it is bogus. Negative ads are negative ads.

Now the struggle on the Republican side was no where near the carnage on the Democratic side, but still I'd hope these gentlemen and ladies would show some honor after the battle.

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