Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fake Fred or Fake Democrats?

Rep. Fred Kessler, the bastion of democratic thought and practice is once again setting the low standards of a political campaign.

Fred’s troop is out and about in the newly drawn 12th Assembly District, which he almost lives in, telling democratic leaning voters that it is important for them to go to the polls this Tuesday and vote because there are fake Democrats on the ballot this year.  I wish one of Fred’s accomplices would visit my house as I’d like to ask who they are talking about.  I sure hope the ethically challenged Kessler isn’t using that ploy against his Democratic primary opponent, Mario Hall.

This goes deeper then meets the eye. Fred was instrumental in recruiting State Senator Chris Larson in running against fellow Dem Jeff Plale in 2010. This year Chris Larson is aggressively recruiting and aiding “progressive” Democrats to run on Milwaukee’s north side setting up a huge battle in the Democratic primaries.  If Sen. Larson is involved, how far away is Fred Kessler’s influence?  And to say it’s getting ugly would be kind

We have:
A change or hidden identity.
False accusations of supporting Gov. Walker (a mortal sin in the Dem world).
Encouragement to vote for “those that look like you”.
Accusation’s of campaigning and collusion by non-profit organizations and politicians.

It is absolutely wild and turning into a political blood bath.  And believe you me, the person which Milwaukee Magazine said
Kessler doesn’t elicit sympathy. He’s seen as ruthless, selfish and unconcerned about other Democrats. He’s also rude and imperious to his underlings, says a knowing staffer. “Kessler is another reason Milwaukee has no influence or recognition in the Legislature,” a trade group critic chimes in."
is involved and helping orchestrate this mess.

The question in the back of everyone’s mind is "will there be a healing for the black community and democrats or is it the beginning of the end.My guess is the latter after this November.

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