Friday, June 15, 2012

Who Does Alderman Kovac Represent?

Milwaukee Alderman and all legislators are voted into office or hired if you will to constitutionally uphold the laws and represent the people of not only their districts but also the people of their respective municipality, county, or state.

I get upset when I see pictures (heisted from Facebook) like the ones below.

 Nik Kovac is a Milwaukee Alderman who represents the 3rd District on Milwaukee's East Side and sits on the following committee's: Vice-Chair of Finance & Personnel, member of the Licenses, Milwaukee Art's Board and Library Board.

I'm wondering who Mr. Kovac believes he represents.

“I love my public” was started by a group of concerned Wisconsin parents who have come together to fight for the rights of all children to have a quality public education.

What about those who attend private schools, virtual schools and are home schooled?  Don't they also deserve the attention of the east side alderman?  Was he not elected to represent them also? 

The Alderman is the Vice-Chair of the Finance & Personnel Committee and in the this picture he's wearing a union t-shirt.  This really calls into question his allegiances.

When contracts and other personnel issues come before this committee how can he look at the citizens of Milwaukee and tell them he is fairly and righteously representing them.  He's played his card and he has by virtue of the this picture told Milwaukee that it can expect him to back the interests of Public Unions over the interests of all Milwaukeean's when those interests are at odds.

That's really a shame.

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