Friday, May 18, 2012

No Balance for MATC's Dr. Rosen

Dr. Michael Rosen is the President of MATC teachers union, American Federation of Teachers Local 212.  He was a guest on Eric Von's morning radio show on WMCS, The Morning Magazine, to complain about an over the top email he received.

Now let me start out by saying the email was out of line.  But I'd like to also say that Dr. Rosen is also out of line. 

He goes on talk radio to complain about talk radio.  Of course he's on liberal radio and according to this professor and union activist the problem is conservative talk.  They are the one's with inflammatory rhetoric. 

I'd suggest to Dr. Rosen that he is as big a problem as he complains about.  Going on the radio and calling the Gov. of Wisconsin a liar and claiming that virtually every conservative is a racist does nothing but continue to inflame the over the line talk he complains about.

Here's a thought for the professor.  According to your August 2011 letter to your union you say this, "Our original charter rings as true today as it was in 1930 when our founders proclaimed that our fight was for 'Democracy in Education-Education for Democracy.' "  The founders didn't proclaim your mantra "Democrats in Education - Education for Democrats".

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