Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Minus the Teachers

I've been a bit quiet lately, lots on my mind and it isn't translating well to my keyboard.

One of the thoughts I had recently was the reduction in the number of teachers in MPS.  A major reason that MPS is losing teachers is really simple - it's losing kids who attend MPS.  With less kids in the schools, you'll need less teachers and even as important less administration.

I'm in a business that is radically changing.  It's retail book & music selling. More people are using ebook readers and computer tablets to do their reading.  As they do this, less visit a brick and mortar bookstore.  Lower store traffic and sales translate to fewer man hours the business can schedule to help those in the store. We have no choice (other than to leave) but to work a bit harder to provide the same service those who do visit us have come to expect.

According to what I read, it seems many of these teacher loses could have been and will be less with the implementation of Act 10.  Unfortunately for those who will have been let go these changes are still one year away.

As public schools lose their customers, the kids, and they consolidate the physical buildings they will also be in a position to similar to what our industry is facing.  It's not fun, it's difficult, but it is what we need to do to keep our jobs.

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