Thursday, April 5, 2012

Post Election Congrats

Yesterday ended the first in three rounds of elections this year. The results were fairly positive as far as I was concerned.  Some candidates I wanted to win did, some didn't.

Probably the biggest positive was the victory of Deanna Alexander in the 18th Supervisory District.  It was a seat I had considered running for.  Shortly before nominations papers were due I sent an email out to the people who filed their intentions to run for the seat vacated by Johnny L. Thomas with a simple question "What is your opinion on a smaller and part time county board?"

Two candidates, Penny Sikora and Tracey Corder, both answered that they support the status quo, Walt "Baby" Love had no opinion, AB Buford didn't answer the email and Deanna Alexander was open to whatever is best. 

I asked this question because I felt it gave me an indication on where they stood on fiscal responsibility.  Doing some web surfing I decided to meet with Deanna to see if she would be someone I could support or if I should run myself.  After meeting her I decided that Deanna, though not as conservative as I am would be a good balance to the others running and I decided that I'd not only support her, but would offer my assistance.

It's been an interesting race.  The radical left attacked Deanna for the silliest of reasons and then tried to build a case on those goofy claims why her opponent in the general election, Tracey Corder, was the best candidate for the seat.  Even after the election spurious claims and threats continue to flow.  What the left doesn't understand is that Deanna won and their threats mean nothing.

I wish Deanna the best and congratulate her on a hard fought victory.  I also want to wish Tracey a hardy thank you for her participation in our Representative Republic form of Government.

Lastly I'm very thankful I meet Deanna and her hubby Philip along with the cute little ones. I pray they stay grounded during her term serving the people of the 18th Supervisory District.

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