Thursday, April 26, 2012

Marina Dimitrijevic is the new Chairwoman of the Milwaukee County Board.  She's saying the right things about wanting to change the negative impression that permeates any mention of the board.

I hope she succeeds.  Her initiative to combine the Finance & Audit Committee and the Personnel Committee into the Finance & Personnel Committee may be a move in the right direction.

Now if we can only get her be consistent in her "listening" to the voters of Milwaukee County.  In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she says she "backs the penny-on-the-dollar increase in the sales tax that voters approved in an advisory referendum more than three years ago."

I'd suggest she also back the smaller and / or part time board that was overwhelmingly approved in the last election. Even though this wasn't a county wide vote how about putting the issue to a binding referendum in the November election.  That would be some proactive listening.


capper said...

So you're against getting your property tax cut significantly and for a meaningless measure to cut the board which will mean less representation, but not less taxes.


yoSAMite said...

Hi Capper,

I'm not sure we'd get less representation, just fewer people to give us the same representation.

A question I've asked to prove my point of the need for a smaller board is "For what reason and when was the last time you contacted your county supervisor, not including political reasons." The answer I get is something to the effect of never.

I'd much prefer the money be used for services and those providing them rather than the bureaucracy of implementing the services.

capper said...

If you have more people being represented by the same person, that is less representation.

I've never had that problem with my county board supervisor. But making them there less and less responsive and less responsible will help how?

Well, we all would like to see more money go to services, but when you have the likes of Walker, Sanfelippo, Cesarz, Jursik and Thomas who squander the money instead of providing services, it seems more like who gets elected than how much they work.